“The I-Ching takes us through the hidden world that parallels and mirrors our external life, a world that may be seen in meditation, and sometimes in dreams.”

Carol Anthony’s quote beautifully describes what an “Alchemy Door” looks like. It puts you in touch with your active imagination. It puts you on a path to wake up within the dream of this life.

Having had an experience of the Unknown, which appears to you in your own unique "Alchemy Door language," you are prepared to revisit the experience in a therapeutic setting, describe and apply its lessons. 

Examples of Alchemy Door "languages" might include: Shamanic journeys, visits to the underworld or dreamworld, Jungian archetypal studies, exploring relationship to substances, motivational interviews, Buddhist psychology, power animal meditations, Tonglen meditation, practicing nondual awareness, psychedelic preparation and integration, personal vision quest planning, transformational trauma, and humanist/existential psychotherapy.

You may find that you are able to tap into an inner rhythm of cyclical ebbs and flows by creating your own personal "Alchemy Door Cards." This is a new personally tailored modality that I am offering, akin to a personalized tarot deck, that allows you to capture these ephermeral experiences in images and apply them throughout your life to answer questions about your current situation and its potential for transformation.

Our work together is about finding the best way for you to get in touch with you, and make it last. This work is about listening to intuition- your unique inner guidance system. It is about becoming more comfortable in the excitement and fear of the unknown, and finding supportive allies and action steps as you move through the process.