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Feeling your feet connected to the earth and following the natural rhythms of breath, we begin to remember that we have a unique inner guidance system that is waiting to be heard.

I offer you compassionate consultation in your search for Integration, Meaning, Connection, Understanding, Resources, and Reassurance.It's ok to go slow and accept "fits and starts" with the evolution process. It's ok not to be "accomplishing" anything. Just being, noticing, loving and caring for yourself is an achievement.Be known as the definer and creator of your own path. 

Begin by choosing one of the free resources below:

Underworld Journeys to build Self-Acceptance and True Inner Security

Learning to trust your internal compass...

To navigate your dreams and identify your own personal North Star.

Cultivating an inner state that helps you align with "receptive manifestation"

(receiving a creative spark that tells you what direction to go and what the next step is).

If you choose this resource, you will identify the external changes you want to see and begin to identify your "personal alchemy door" - the creative paths available to you to go inside and align with the life you want.

The Warrior Plan: Training for Self-Transformation

KEYWORDS: Experimentation, Following what is compelling, Motivation, Experimentation

If you click on this resource, you will be given tools to work with your inner Warrior archetype, within the context of the real world of your daily life. Engage in the questions that follow to identify your roadblocks (ingrained patterns of stuckness) and how to turn them into allies.


All live face-to-face services at this site are offered exclusively via confidential, online video sessions.