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Manifesting vs. Aligning in a Universe Full of Quantum Probabilities

The term "manifesting" conjures up images of telling yourself a mantra of who you want to be or what you want to have, and then telling yourself that this is already true, continually, until it is true. The only problem is, it doesn't work.

Aligning, on the other hand, is what I like to refer to as "receptive manifestation." It is putting yourself in line with the flow of how the cosmos is moving, energetically, and then reaping the rewards that come naturally. The difference is, it involves a lot less willful effort. One of the best manuals for how to do this is the age-old I-Ching, or ancient Chinese Book of Changes. And I particularly recommend Carol K. Anthony's interpretation of this sage text, called "A Guide to the I Ching".


If you are looking for unique and creative methods of approaching nonordinary / Nondual states of consciousness (with psychedelics OR especially, by means other than psychedelics), this work is also about learning to trust intuition, to explore and tolerate discomfort in the passageway between worlds - the "alchemy door" or "liminal space" that shows up constantly in many aspects of life. Examples include planning out a personal retreat, studying the I-Ching, journaling for 15 minutes every morning, or taking a vision quest walk in nature with a specific question in mind. One "quick and easy" way to start is with a Power Animal Meditation.


Please contact me to discuss any of these methods or brainstorm other methods that can work for your specific situation and temperament, at a price point that meets your needs. Packages are also available.

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