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Meditation by the Sea
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Contemplative Inquiry Sessions

Contemplating and defining your goals for personal transformation

How does change actually happen? Contemplative Inquiry is a powerful tool that can guide you to name the Situation that is most compelling for you at this time. Then, as you build the capacity and mindset to direct awareness towards all aspects of your current life situation, you may invite the illuminated situation itself to show you the next steps for transforming questions, problems, stuckness, addiction, desires, goals, or creative aspirations into new, personally relevant tools, allies, guides, optimal settings, alignment with flowstate rhythms, visions, or some other manifestation of an answer to your initial reasons for why you want to go on a  journey of transformation at this time. 

View of Meditation Garden

Inner Journey Preparation Sessions

Preparing for a Personal Retreat (for building intuition and clarifying your personal vision) or a Psychedelic Ceremony

If you are ready to walk through your own personal "Alchemy Door"--considering a self-administered or guided underground "trip" OR, especially, considering ways of exploring methods of expanding consciousness other than via psychedelics--I am here to support you in contemplation, preparation, harm reduction, and decisional balance so your mindset and setting can be safe, healing, and therapeutic.

(Please note that I do not provide referrals for psychedelics.)

Sat on the Rocks

Supporting your ongoing exploration and integration of extra-dimensional intelligence. (A.k.a. "figuring out what to do with the information you receive on your journey.")

Whether you have been part of a clinical trial, have had a psychedelic experience that has been in some way disorienting, or have found yourself in an altered state of consciousness through other means such as meditation, travel, holotropic breathwork, or spontaneous awakening, a Dreamscape Session supports you to integrate peak experiences and daily life; and address trauma or existential concerns.

A Curious Journey

I don’t want to know what your goals are.

I want to know what’s evolving in you right now on the deepest level.

What is pushing that evolution; what is pulling it? What micro-adjustments are happening around it each day, which, when taken as a whole, constitute transformation?

I am here to help you get in touch with your deepest process(es).

Feeling your feet connected to the earth and following the natural rhythms of breath, we begin to remember that we have a unique inner guidance system that is waiting to be heard.

I offer you compassionate consultation in your search for Integration, Meaning, Connection, Understanding, Resources, and Reassurance.

It's ok to go slow and accept "fits and starts" with the evolution process. It's ok not to be "accomplishing" anything. Just being, noticing, loving and caring for yourself is an achievement. This is how the transformation from external security arrangements to true inner security becomes sustainable.

Whether it's your career path, where you call home, your relationship with yourself, or with others and the cosmos, transforming who you are and where you are going IS possible if you are willing to entertain stepping into the unknown. Begin by asking yourself right now, "What do I need?" and "What do I want?" Ask it daily; ask it multiple times throughout each day, and watch it grow.

I have been a licensed, practicing psychotherapist (MFT 53803, LPC 381) in California for over 10 years. I am also a trained specialist in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy for the treatment of addiction. I enjoy consultation with a Buddhist Psychology group (exploring what we call nondual), and look forward to helping you design your own journey for creating free and easy motivation and change.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

Happy Hiking
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