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My Zig-zag Path

I have been a client in therapy for over two decades. I saw my first therapist at age 23 after I had a peak experience that was very powerful but completely lacking in context, support, or direction -- and was catalyzed by using various substances.


While my introduction to psychotherapy was intended to help me discover how to apply the insights of my startling awakening, it inevitably turned to more practical matters of dealing with anxiety, trauma, dependence and individuation, relationships (including relationships to substances), motivation, and intergenerational exploration. Through all of this I grew in my sense of an inner compass, and my ability to relax the  "need" to control.


Today, I have found a path that provides a gradually dawning clarity of how to walk it, how to enjoy walking it, and where to find the best support for being on it. My path has led me from Virginia to Madrid to San Francisco to Portugal to Amsterdam. 

I used to think that manifestation was a matter of thinking up my best life and applying mantras. Now I see that it is about being a quiet warrior who follows each unfolding  turn, all the while deepening into receptivity and staying in touch with the truths that my experiences have given me.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Rhoades and I work with clients who feel stressed, burned out, or disempowered in their current trajectory and want some relief from feeling stuck in desperation, anger, self-hate or resignation;  and clients who are considering psychedelic healing, a meditation retreat or other forms of expanding consciousness. In both cases, we can learn aspects of harm reduction (self-acceptance/relaxing the self) and preparation (being receptive to the Unknown) in order to attract a correct answer to our current situation, and this might happen over a long trajectory or in just a few sessions.

View of Meditation Garden

It is my intention that the counseling and consultation services I provide can help clients open up to more of the fullness of our potential, and help with tolerating and navigating the experience of "groundlessness" - a common quality of nonordinary states of consciousness - which contrasts with the mainstream trend towards definition and specificity.

This is an invitation to wholeness. 

We are living in a time when there are many existential threats to our collective future, the earth itself, and individual freedoms. In this context we can often get stuck, losing sight of our deepest motivations and our loftiest goals. 

We also live in a time of unprecedented access to networks of likeminded others via digital mediums.

This is an invitation to enter a state of curiosity...

about the intelligence of your own internal guidance system...

and its relationship to the cosmos. 

In preparing yourself for higher states of consciousness, building a lifestyle based in curiosity transports you to a state of openness to the Unknown - be it the future, the drips of clarity that come when we least expect them, or the gentle voice inside that trusts the path you are on.

What's your personal vision for how you want your life to change? Where do you want to go next? Schedule an Inner Journey Preparation Session today to explore the possibilities!

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