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What is compelling for you right now?

It's that slow, steady burn... constantly going back to your inner passion, to what's compelling, to what you want and need, over and over. This is the path. Uncovering it and keeping it uncovered.
When you discover your Alchemy Door, it leads you not out there somewhere, but further in. How deep does the rabbit hole go? 

Depth creates movement. This is the power of alchemical manifestation; of refining yourself back to first matter, or pure luminosity; of aligning with the deepest parts of you until clarity about the next step is not something you have to think about-- you just know.

Then, you are in touch with your inner compass.

Our work together begins with arousing, nurturing and developing the inner curiosity that gives rise to motivation; knowing your inner guidance system; and maintaining certain inner truths (boundaries). The first step is to observe and define where you are now: to learn the 7 phases of Dreamscapes Alchemical Manifestation and how they ebb and flow, name which stage you are in, and identify your immediate goal in this phase. If you are looking to augment your daily experience by "looking behind the veil," then a Contemplative Inquiry session is a good place to start.

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