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Alchemy Door Languages

This month, I am beginning to roll out a project I have been working on for many years, which I am calling Alchemy Door Languages. This will be a new series of pages on the website that will describe eleven possible "paths" that you may opt to take on your own personal journey of transformation and manifestation. Ultimately, your journey will become more tailored and unique to you and your situation as we go. But this core set of languages can be a jumping-off point. I will continue to update the progress of adding this special section to the website; currently, the project is set to be revealed on June 20, 2020.

Currently, these eleven paths are linked to six Alchemy Door Languages, five of which come in pairs that show two aspects of the language. Here is an overview:

  • Oracle Paths (Yin and Yang)

  • Archetype Paths (Persephone and Warrior)

  • Shaman Paths (Underworld and Upper World)

  • Curiouser Journeyer Paths (Lucid Dreamer and Wonderland Wanderer)

  • Buddha Paths (Bodhisattva and Dzogchen Master)

  • The Alchemy Path

Check back soon for further descriptions of each language, and more details on what aspects of the Alchemy Door Languages will be revealed. Enjoy this free resource; may it be of assistance in creating your own unique Alchemy Door Language!

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