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MAPS and Dreams in the age of Psychedelics

A couple of more updates, not directly related to the rollout of Alchemy Door Languages (see previous blog post):

Firstly, I attended the PsyTech Virtual Summit this week, featuring Rick Doblin of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) ( Here is a screen grab from the conference that gives a snippet of his presentation showing how he envisions psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy clinics popping up across the nation as FDA approval for these medicines crosses its final hurdles and the legal situation in states begins to change:

This next clip talks a bit more about, specifically, MDMA- assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD, which is entering Phase 3 Trial status this fall:

Secondly, I wanted to share on a personal note that I had a great dream this week, in which one of my most respected mentors - Patt Denning, who with Jeannie Little co-founded the Center for Harm Reduction Psychotherapy in San Francisco two decades ago - was giving her own lecture about the future of harm reduction. In the dream, it looked a lot like the ballot measure being voted on in Oregon this year, in which therapists would be able to be present with clients while they administered their drug of choice, and could have sessions that prepare the client in advance for the kind of mindset they want to take with them into the experience and help clients integrate the active session afterwards, all within the context of harm reduction. That was a lucid dream, a night dream. Perhaps it is entwined with an imminent waking dream that we are all co-creating and collectively manifesting...

I have focused my own website here on preparation, integration and harm reduction for an "active session"... although I am currently conceiving of alternative ways to help a client through a transformative process besides psychedelic therapy, since I neither conduct it nor make referrals. (And by "transformative process" I mean transforming one's consciousness and therefore receiving a new experience of reality - what Eckart Tolle calls "conscious manifestation")...

So the kind of healing I'm interested in is along the lines of assisting a client to create a personal retreat or "vision quest" or "Alchemy Door journey"... Which includes defining what an "Alchemy Door" is for them and what kind of language works for them, be it  archetypal, or from a particular spiritual tradition. 

As I roll out the website section on "Alchemy Door languages" (coming June 20!), you will have the option to participate in various rounds of Alchemy Door journeys, and our consultation sessions can highlight the possible stages of the transformation process and multiple options at each stage.

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