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Psychedelic-Informed Psychotherapy

Using Psychedelics as an Alchemy Door for Manifesting Desired Changes in Your Life

The term "manifesting" conjures up images of telling yourself a mantra of who you want to be or what you want to have, and then telling yourself that this is already true, continually, until it is true. The only problem is, it doesn't work.

Learn how to align with your best quantum probability.

Aligning, on the other hand, is what I like to refer to as "receptive manifestation." It is putting yourself in line with the flow of how the cosmos is moving, energetically, and then reaping the rewards that come naturally. The difference is, it involves a lot less willful effort. One of the best manuals for how to do this is the age-old I-Ching, or ancient Chinese Book of Changes. And I particularly recommend Carol K. Anthony's interpretation of this sage text, called "A Guide to the I Ching".

Here are 3 ways I can see it working for someone who is looking to alter their state of consciousness or has already had some encounter with "extra-dimensional intelligence" by means of psychedelics (click on any link for more information about scheduling that type of session):

1. You want to explore non ordinary states of consciousness but you are new to psychedelics. You are looking for support to prepare for a psychedelic experience and to get clear about the substance, mindset, and setting that will be conducive to your inner transformation. If you are looking to augment your daily experience by "looking behind the veil," then a Motivational Interviewing session is a good place to start. Our work together begins with arousing, nurturing and developing the inner curiosity that gives rise to motivation; knowing your inner guidance system; and maintaining certain inner truths (boundaries). The first step is to observe and define where you are now: to learn the 5 stages of change and how they ebb and flow, name which stage you are in, and identify your immediate goal in this stage.

2. If you have recently gone beyond your "biographical (ego) realm" or are already preparing for an upcoming psychedelic experience (or approaching nonordinary / Nondual states of consciousness by other means), this work is also about learning to trust intuition, to explore and tolerate discomfort in the passageway between worlds - the "alchemy door" or "liminal space" that shows up constantly in many aspects of life. Consider a "Youcation" session to set up a personal retreat.

3. You have had psychedelic or other transpersonal experiences. Multiple times more vivid than your most vivid dream, it pushes your need and capacity to describe it. You find my website and are seeking support for integrating nonordinary states of consciousness: You are ready to integrate them or figure out "what comes next." Now our work together is about creating a blueprint for a post-psychedelic route for exploring extra-dimensional intelligence, creating your individual "Dreamscapes Method."

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