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Variations on a theme

In the past couple of years, I have begun creating a couple of other websites to simulate the Dreamscapes Method, which I am going to chronicle here, despite the incompleteness of the latest work...

The first work was done before leaving the United States and moving to Portugal, and it was a vision of a website where different Avatars would take you into different processes, kind of like different "Alchemy Door Languages". So this one is geared primarily towards the preliminary stage of finding what matters most to you in this moment.

The idea of the archetype-avatars functioning as guides through different life-journeys that we take, continued to grow on me. I found that when I experimented with it on my own, I could notice a flow of rhythms or channels or patterns or stages of the journey. The languages come and go, but the pattern began to reveal a manifesting.

The 5 stages of the pattern are:

The Situation

The Known

The Bridge

The Unknown

I am currently working on a game that can show the stages as Portals. Once you pass through all the portals, you come upon a set of Alchemy Doors. The first door, Youcation, is where you go to get alone and get clarity, and discover your Ally. The second door, Receptive Manifestation, is where you see the next step for you to take. Which leads you back to the Situation portal, on a new journey.

Over time, I began to see the names of the portals (Situation, Known, ..) could be cross-referenced with where a client is at in his journey. I see these portals as being a daily check-in of where you are on your journey. You do it for a few cycles, and then let it go. Await your next incarnation.

The first stage of playing it as a game is creating some of your own characters that can traverse the gameboard. That is where this website begins in the first blog:

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