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Varieties of Nondual Awareness

Welcome to my blog, SEDI - "The Search for Extra-Dimensional Intelligence," where I look into and write about topics related to higher states of consciousness. Over the past two years, I have taken a closer look into psychedelics, and the wider world during this period has embraced their healing potential.

One of the great things I learned personally during the past two years is that cultivating a receptive inner attitude, be it through diet, conscious use of herbs and substances, meditation, or other practices, can enable the manifestation natural abilities such as attentiveness to dreamscapes, shamanic and archetypal themes, syncronicities, and precognition, and can strengthen intuitive capacities. Now, I am excited to move further afield, and consider other paths of transcendence. I am particularly interested in the following three themes:

  1. Dzogchen, a school of Buddhism (which historically predates Tibetan Buddhism) that teaches instant enlightenment, available always in the present moment. There is an intellectual component to walking through this door into the present moment, which relates to phenomonology, Heidegger's writings on being and time, and teaching nondual awareness. My primary teacher in this venue is Dr. G Kenneth Bradford, PhD.

  2. Conscious Manifestation, the term that Eckart Tolle uses for instant enlightenment. He teaches that cultivating a connection to the vertical dimension of life will allow the universe to put you where you are meant to be. This is another way of saying that cultivating an attitude of receptivity will enable manifestation, as we learn in the first two hexagrams of the I-Ching, teaching about the qualities of yang and yin energy fields.

  3. The place where the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching meets the principles of Harm Reduction Psychotherapy: namely, being flexible and forgiving of yourself as you try to improve; exploring and correcting limiting attitudes within yourself; maintaining independence and attention to what works for your experience; beign open to things working in ways we cannot yet see; and cultivating patience as the changes take place, first on the level of consciousness (underneath the manifest appearances of things)... and then in more noticeable ways.

I invite you to enjoy this food for thought and feel free to take one of the above ideas and run with it in your own studies. I do hope to come back around to quantum physics and quantum psychology sometime in 2021, too, but for now I will deepen myself into these three themes, particularly looking at how they are applicable to healing from trauma. Meanwhile, it is a time of hibernation and waiting for the pandemic and winter to pass.

Be well,


Nov 18, 2020

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