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GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Do the alchemy, raise consciousness, connect with the underworld.

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Email to schedule.

Service Description

Drawing from the timeless book by Nicki Scully, "Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys with Your Spirit Allies", these meditations come in the forms of categories, each appropriate for different phases of your personal progression. We will use her examples to create your own personal guided meditation in the "language" that works for you. This will guide you as you enter the Unknown on your active session, and help you determine your primary Alchemy Door Card. "Personal Liberation" and "Personal Transformation" categories are a way to practice going into Nondual space and connecting with other intelligences - and allowing yourself to feel into which of the specific frames would be good for your session with me. Here are some of Scully's original creations (2001): JOURNEYS FOR TRANSFORMATION Butterfly: Transformation/Self-Esteem Owl: Alchemy/ Night Vision Persian Leopard: Grief Snow Leopard: Fear Crocodile: Getting What You Want Walrus: Relationship With Money Kangaroo: Balancing Evil Honeybee: Giving Back to the Earth JOURNEYS FOR LIBERATION Camel: Finding Your Way/Endurance/Developing Intuition Pelican: Nurturing and Protecting Your Inner Child Giraffe: Seeing from the Heart Horned Lizard: Armoring/Conscious Evolution Wolf: True Security Spider: Awe/Weaving the Creation Mustang: Spirit of Freedom Email to schedule a free initial consultation. I am generally available from 12pm - 9pm GMT, Monday to Friday. For ongoing sessions, pay at the time of the session using Google Pay or Cash App. The cost is $100 for an individual session. Please note that sessions are conducted securely online. Upon booking you will be emailed a link to the online video session that will be valid at your selected hour.

Contact Details

+ 415-980-6861

Virtual Consultations from Amsterdam, NL. | Licensed in California , , USA

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