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Dreamscapes Integration Set (click here)

Consultation to help you creatively integrate your Inner Journey through art/physical representation

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars
  • Email to schedule.

Service Description

Whether you have been part of a clinical trial, have had a psychedelic experience that has been in some way disorienting, or have found yourself in an altered state of consciousness through other means such as meditation, travel, holotropic breathwork, or spontaneous awakening, I am here to support you to integrate peak experiences and daily life; and address trauma or existential concerns. You are here seeking support for exploring nonordinary states of consciousness: Having had an experience of the (previously) Unknown, of different realms or dimensions, of Cosmic exploration-- for example, by means of Salvia Divinorum, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca or DMT, or MDMA-- one wishes to catalogue and make sense of the experience. Beyond the personal ramifications (which certainly fall into psychedelic integration), however, there is a transpersonal aspect of the “dreamscape” that has been encountered. Multiple times more vivid than your most vivid dream, it pushes your need and capacity to describe it. Our work together in a Dreamscapes Session is about creating a blueprint for a post-psychedelic route for exploring extra-dimensional intelligence, creating and applying your individual "Dreamscapes Method" to your daily life. Email to schedule a free initial consultation. I am generally available from 12pm - 9pm GMT, Monday to Friday. For ongoing sessions, pay at the time of the session using Google Pay or Cash App (details in welcome email). The cost is $175 for a one hour session. Please note that sessions are conducted securely online. Upon booking you will be emailed a link to the online video session that will be valid at your selected hour.

Contact Details

+ 415-980-6861

Virtual Consultations from Amsterdam, NL. | Licensed in California , , USA

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