Alchemy Door Languages

Each Alchemy Door Language has two aspects, or cards, associated with it.

See descriptions of the [Language + Cards] subsets on this page, and click on a Language to see detailed information specific to  the individual Cards. So each set of cards describes two aspects of the Language. The following elements work together to define an aspect:


  • Processes: A partial listing of activities through which this card engages the question of transformation.

  • Form: ...

  • Connects to Ally: Describes which other cards are natural allies to this one.

  • Portal: Names one or two portals with which this card is most associated.

  • Supplemented by: Gives suggestions for readings, exercises, teachings, and experiments that might be helpful when working with the channel of transformation embodied by this card. 

  • Element: Each Alchemy Door Card (ADC) is associated with a particular element including: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Quantum Probability Curve

  • Location: An example of where the character on this ADC might be found.

  • Quote: A quote that sums up something about this card.

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