Alchemy Door Languages

Each Alchemy Door Language has two aspects, or cards, associated with it.

So each set of cards describes two aspects of the Language. The following elements work together to define an aspect:

  • Processes: A partial listing of activities through which this card engages the question of transformation.

  • Form: ...

  • Connects to Ally: Describes which other cards are natural allies to this one.

  • Portal: Names one or two portals with which this card is most associated.

  • Supplemented by: Gives suggestions for readings, exercises, teachings, and experiments that might be helpful when working with the channel of transformation embodied by this card. 

  • Element: Each Alchemy Door Card (ADC) is associated with a particular element including: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Quantum Probability Curve

  • Location: An example of where the character on this ADC might be found.

  • Quote: A quote that sums up something about this card.

  • Language: Shaman Cards

    The Shaman Cards offer a path of transformation that is tied to the rhythms of and respect for nature, drawing on ancient wisdom from the indigenous societies and cultures as an approach to healing, seeing the future, and getting answers to life's perplexing questions.

    Shaman Path

    Cards 2 & 12

  • The curiouser journeyer is motivated by curiosity for what lies beyond. It could be Alice in Wonderland, Neo in the Matrix, or you in the depths of a lucid dream. For the person who undertakes this journey, there is a drive to know, feel, and experience, paralleled only by a degree of comfort in tolerating the unknown and the unfamiliar. Put on your Sandman hat, swallow that pill, and come along for the ride. 

    The Curious Journey

    Cards 4 & 11

  • Language: Buddha Cards

    Meditation is one of the best ways to enter the Unknown. Just sitting in silence, with no agenda, we can learn to watch and wait for natural action to arise, rather than react.

    Laughing Buddha Medicine Walks

    Cards 5 & 10

  • Language: Archetype Cards

    Sometimes we can enter into the forms of mythological figures to help us learn the contours of our transformative journey...

    Archetype Blueprints

    Cards 6 & 9

  • Language: Oracle Cards

    The ancient wisdom of the I Ching shows us how yin and yang, or receptive and creative energies, shift and relate to each other. Listening for the Sage, we learn the process of receptive manifestation.

    Receptive Manifestation

    Cards 7 & 8

  • Language: Alchemist Card

    The Alchemist is a shapeshifter. By cleansing the inner cauldron, we can take the situation we want to work with, enter into any other language, and transform it into new material.

    Alchemist Path

    Card 3


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